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21 noviembre, 2020

My Soccer Jersey Collection 2020

This is the English version of the previous video about my football/soccer jersey collection, where I count how many football/soccer jerseys I have. SUBSCRIBE 👉🏼: I’ll be talking in future videos about few items of my collection so stay tuned for more and make sure you do the HAT TRICK: SUBSCRIBE to Mr__Jersey channel, Hit the LIKE button and smash the NOTIFICATIONS, and you’ll be […]

3 noviembre, 2020

THE FIRST NIKE LIVERPOOL JERSEY – 2020-21 Liverpool FC Home – Review of Vaporknit & Breathe/Stadium

Watch the review of the 2020-21 NEW Nike Liverpool FC home jersey! This is the 1st jersey made by Nike forLiverpool. I even compare the difference between the Vaporknit and Breathe/Stadium kits.Don’t miss the close shots of both jerseys so make sure you watch the entire video. SUBSCRIBE 👉🏼: It’d mean a lot if you can do THE HAT TRICK and share this video with […]