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4 enero, 2021

VidA FutbolerA – UNBoxing Soccer Jerseys MESSI home, TORRES home, DAVID VILLA away

MSN: Contact us if you need a jersey of your favorite star or a uniform for your team! Contactenos si ocupas la camisita de tu jugador favorito o un traje para todo tu equipo de futbol! UN-BOXING of: DAVID VILLA – BARCELONA (away) Long Sleeve MESSI – BARCELONA (home) Short Sleeve TORRES – CHELSEA (home) Long Sleeve Compra online la Camisetas de fútbol! En […]

27 noviembre, 2020

Jersey Printing May 2014

how to apply a print to a Premier football league jersey Comprar Camisetas de fútbol para adultos y niños desde 15 € y camisetas oficiales de equipos de fútbol. Clica y Recoge GRATUITO en tienda. Equipaciones de futbol baratas replicas para niños. Camisetas de futbol para niños en lo mejor futbol fans tienda. Comprar equipaciones futbol online baratas.

22 noviembre, 2020


SpoonyPizzas here guys, welcome to the installation tutorial for PESUniverse Option File V3. This is how to install from FRESH as I understand everyone is at different stages (v1, v2, v2.1 or v2.5) and it’s recommended by PESUniverse that you install from fresh to avoid any issues. CHANGES ========= V3 – Release Date – November 1st V3 is a big update and includes additions, changes […]

18 noviembre, 2020

Fixing PES 2014 Ep 3-How to Make US Soccer Uniforms Pt2

This is the 2nd part of my making the US Soccer team’s jerseys series in PES 2014. In this video I show how I made the last two jerseys. One is the 2010 world cup alternate uniform and the second is the 2014 red,white and blue uniform from the World Cup. Thank you guys for the incredible support on the first part of the video. […]

30 octubre, 2020


These were given to me by MLB 13: The Show Lou Gehrig — Road to the Show Kevin Millar — Road to the Show The Dunbar Snackbars — Diamond Dynasty Atlanta Braves — Franchise NCAA FOOTBALL 14 Fievel Pin — Road to the Glory Rascot Recreation Coach Dunbar Snackbar Dynasty Nebraska Cornhusker Dynasty Madden 25 Houston Texans Franchise Teddy Crocker Halfback Connected Career Jafar Snackbar […]