FC Porto's coach reveals the shocking comments made by Guardiola during the match | Oh My Goal

Today we’re going to talk to you about the huge clash that took place between Sergio Conceição and Pep Guardiola. Conceição and Guardiola squared off yesterday in the Champions League, and things nearly got out of control between the two coaches!

According to Conceição, Guardiola behaved shamefully all through the match between Manchester City and FC Porto. Guardiola may have mocked the weight of FC Porto’s players, put a huge amount of pressure on the referee as well as making critical comments about Portugal. Guardiola’s behavior naturally infuriated Conceição!

It’s not the first time Guardiola has been criticized for this. Ibrahimovic, Eto’o, Dante and Touré have already called out Guardiola’s personality.

So is Guardiola really as bad of a human as some players think he is?

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