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22 octubre, 2020

Team Spirit – What Causes It?

Watching the matches in the FIFA world cup, I notice that the national line-ups apparently vary as to team spirit. You might wonder why this matters. Why is team spirit important? What brings it about? And what hinders it? Sweden’s team spirit After eliminating very good teams, Holland and Italy in qualifying, Sweden played their part, in sending defending champions Germany home early, by topping […]

20 octubre, 2020

Cristiano Ronaldo – Read the Biography on Cristiano Ronaldo

Son of Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro and José Dinis Aveiro, Cristiano Ronaldo was born on February 5, 1985 in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal to the name Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro. His second name Ronaldo was given to him by his father, who was a great admirer of U.S. president Ronald Regan. The youngest of four children, Cristiano Ronaldo has three siblings; an older brother […]

17 octubre, 2020

The Game of Rugby

Rugby is a team game with the objective of scoring more points than the other team. Points can be scored in two ways, either by getting a try, or kicking the ball over the crossbar for a penalty. If you score a try your team gets 5 points, and the option to get a further 2 by kicking the ball over the crossbar between the […]

17 octubre, 2020

What is Soccer Speed?

I am currently sitting in front of the TV watching the Netherlands against Denmark in the World Cup. What comes to mind is the way the players move on the soccer field. Both of these 2 teams have a lot in common, and sometimes Denmark is referred to as «Little Netherlands», mainly because their way of playing the game is highly influenced by the way […]

17 octubre, 2020

Best Football Players Ever

The ingenuity and creativity that symbolize the game of football would render a form of art rather than the physical context of the sport. Football players are granted the freedom of expression that is why it is the distinguished sport from others. Cricketers and baseball players are limited to specific actions, but football players may dribble, tackle, pass, or shoot in variety of different ways, […]

14 octubre, 2020

Factors To Consider When Purchasing Soccer Jerseys To Get The Best Deals

It is an exciting moment when a certain individual supports a particular team and it is more fun when one purchase soccer jerseys of his team at affordable prices. One needs to first confirm that they are of intended quality and that they are of required size before embarking on the process of buying them. The outfits are in many occasions sold from wear stores […]