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20 octubre, 2020

Rating NEW International Kits (2020/21)

Nike and Puma have both recently dropped some new fresh kits and today I’ll be ranking the majority of them out of 10. Here’s a list of every country covered in the video: Brazil Croatia England France Portugal Netherlands Turkey Finland Greece Norway Slovakia Slovenia Australia Chile United States Nigeria Poland Serbia Austria Switzerland Czech Republic Italy Instagram:

16 octubre, 2020

How Many Football Shirts Can You Buy For $100? The Soccer Jersey Thrift Shopping Challenge!

I go thrift shopping to see how many soccer jerseys (football shirts) I can buy for $100. I was able to snag kits of Liverpool, Manchester United, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Arsenal, England, Germany, Austria, Portugal, Brasil, Iran, and many many more! I will be giving away one of these jerseys next week or once I reach 100 subscribers! If you are new to […]