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20 octubre, 2020

Rating NEW International Kits (2020/21)

Nike and Puma have both recently dropped some new fresh kits and today I’ll be ranking the majority of them out of 10. Here’s a list of every country covered in the video: Brazil Croatia England France Portugal Netherlands Turkey Finland Greece Norway Slovakia Slovenia Australia Chile United States Nigeria Poland Serbia Austria Switzerland Czech Republic Italy Instagram:

18 octubre, 2020

ANOTHER Thailand Soccer Jersey Haul, The BEST quality 1:1 (New GIVEAWAY & WINNER!)

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18 octubre, 2020

Olympic Federation Kits | Nike Innovation 2020 | Nike

Checking out the Olympic Federation Kits for 2020 with Janett Nichol, Vice President of Nike Apparel Innovation. Each kit’s primary focus is how to best handle the heat. And this year Dri-FIT has been completely retooled to ensure that each uniform is lighter and can wick away sweat faster than ever. Subscribe to our channel! Nike strives to bring innovation and inspiration to every athlete* […]

16 octubre, 2020

How Many Football Shirts Can You Buy For $100? The Soccer Jersey Thrift Shopping Challenge!

I go thrift shopping to see how many soccer jerseys (football shirts) I can buy for $100. I was able to snag kits of Liverpool, Manchester United, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Arsenal, England, Germany, Austria, Portugal, Brasil, Iran, and many many more! I will be giving away one of these jerseys next week or once I reach 100 subscribers! If you are new to […]