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21 diciembre, 2020

Football Shirts, Soccer Jerseys, official clothing from Subside Sports

Official Football Shirts and Football Kits available from Subside Sports UK. Hundreds of official Premier League, Champions League and International football items available along with a comprehensive range of official shirt printing. Great Discounts on football replica shirts and training wear. Online since 1997. Voucher code and sale directory in the UK here at Compra online la Camisetas de fútbol! En JD encontrarás las del […]

6 diciembre, 2020

😱 7 CAMISETAS de FÚTBOL x 10 EUROS! Cómo y Donde Comprar Jerseys BARATOS! 🔍 Cacería Vintage EP3

Hola Camiseteros y Camiseteras, hoy quiero compartir con ustedes la tercera entrega de «Caceria de CAMISETAS Vintage» donde os comparto mi experiencia comprando camisetas originales a precios de LOCURA, te daré consejos prácticos para que evites comprar imitaciones o falsas y buscar verdaderas gangas y oportunidades para aumentar tu colección con piezas auténticas y sin gastarte mucho. Acompañame a visitar el mercadillo callejero de Guaza […]

3 diciembre, 2020

New Real Madrid Kit 2020/21 Unboxing & Review

This is my New Real Madrid Jersey 20/21 Unboxing & Review. Take a closr look at the new Real Madrid shirt before you buy it. If you are thinking of buying this shirt I do have an affiliate link. So if you buy through the link below you are helping to support this channel. Buy the Real Madrid Kit here – Buy the Real Madrid […]

23 octubre, 2020

What Happened In The UK In 1992?

Breaking 1992 down into the biggest political, sports and entertainment news; here’s what happened… The queen had both an expensive and an embarrassing year; early on announcing that she would bow to public pressure and pay income tax (the first time a British monarch had done so for over 50 years) and, at the end of the year, having her Christmas speech leaked to and […]

22 octubre, 2020

What Is Soccer Betting?

Soccer betting is an attractive proposition for online sports betting and is made for online gamblers who use both a strategy to play or just play for fun. It is the most «HEAT» betting around the world now, a single match betting can go up to a few million dollars. It is really about having more knowledge than the bookmakers and the other tipsters on […]

17 octubre, 2020

The Andes, Pampas Grassland, and Football

Argentina is a famous land known for its capital Buenos Aires, Lionel Messi (and football) and the grand mountain range called the Andes. It is an expansive land popular with tourists of all kinds. It is great for an adventurous backpacking tour or a relaxing luxury holiday.There are many things which will keep the traveler interested such as the café culture of Buenos Aires, the […]

15 octubre, 2020

Authentic vs Replica Soccer Jerseys – Key Differences Explained | Expert Advice

We get lots of questions every year about fan jerseys. Which is legit? Why does one cost more than the other? Which would fit me best? Check out this video to learn about the key differences between adidas, Nike, PUMA and New Balance’s authentic and replica soccer jerseys. Shop the latest 2019-20 fan jerseys: _________________________________________________ SOCCER.COM is a family-owned and operated soccer specialty store that […]