The Rise and Fall and Rise of FC Porto

If we take a look at a book of the history of football and start reading it, surely most fans would be surprised with the names of some clubs or national teams that we are going to find since their current reality may be very different from what at some point in their history, they were able to achieve.
In that regard, we can mention innumerable cases such as that of Nottingham Forest that at some point won two UEFA Champions League (called the European Cup at the time) and now is in the Championship, the Hungary national team that at one time was of the most feared teams in Europe, AC Milan (which we talked about recently) a regular national and international champion for several decades, today is just seeing the light at the end of the tunnel after several years of doubts. And so we can give many examples that would have us talking for many hours.
Thus we come to one of those examples that is curious because it leads to some points that are, to a certain extent, surprising. We refer to FC Porto and more specifically, to which it has been a decade with two very marked successes at the beginning (2003 and 2004) and end (2011) but with striking difficulties in the middle.

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The Rise and Fall and Rise of FC Porto
The Rise and Fall and Rise of FC Porto
The Rise and Fall and Rise of FC Porto

Highlights | Resumo: FC Porto 3-1 Portimonense (Liga 20/21 #7)

#VSPORTS #LigaNOS #LigaPortugal #JogasMuito
Triunfo do FC Porto por 3-1 frente ao Portimonense, em jogo da 7.ª jornada da Liga NOS. A equipa algarvia até marcou primeiro, por intermédio de Beto (14′), mas Mbemba conseguiu empatar em cima do intervalo. No reatamento da partida, Mehdi estreou-se a marcar com a camisola portista e Sérgio Oliveira fechou a contagem já aos 82′.

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