Pedri Controlling The Midfield Against Porto !

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26 opiniones en “Pedri Controlling The Midfield Against Porto !”

  1. Pedri covered 13 km in this game. Hate to see him used as a "mule" chasing opposing players. He's Barca's smartest and most creative player.

  2. 2:25 – moments like this tell why pedri is the only youngster itw with tha ability to be ahead 3 seconds than other. Bellingham & Musiala might have better GA but we don't count iniest top 3 cm of all time because pf his GD but because of this precise once in a gen gift

  3. Pedri is incredible. All we need is for the attack to be firm. Lewy and Raphinha are playing as if they're not sure of what they came to do. Once this is resolvec the club will perform excellently

  4. Am I the only one who thought he didn't have a very good game. I love him as a player, but I thought he lost balls and didn't play as excellently as he did before his injury.

  5. Best midfielder in the world, no one close to him.. His touch on the ball is something I can taste and feel it, he’s exceptional and real legend. Much like the 90s/80s players.

  6. Considering he's by far the most creative player (and best passer) on the squad, he's not getting nearly enough touches. Should be playing deeper instead of up top with his back to the goal.

  7. Can Fermin Lopez be used in place of Raphinha, since he isn't a natural winger he will play much closer to Lewandowski because Lewandowski gets isolated when we use Raphinha

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