Ranking The Top 3 Best & Worst Barcelona Players Against FC Porto (FC Barcelona 2-1 FC Porto)

➡️ After witnessing Barcelona’s important and historic win, they have now passed through the group stages and will go on the round of 16 for the first time since 2021. Who were the top 3 best and worst performers against FC Porto.

Time Stamps:

00:00 – Best

09:22 – Honorable Mention

10:46 – Worst

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43 opiniones en “Ranking The Top 3 Best & Worst Barcelona Players Against FC Porto (FC Barcelona 2-1 FC Porto)”

  1. Ive always liked Joa Felix and rated him highly at Benfica and Atleico. Special player, knew he would succeed once I heard he's on his way to Barcelona. Its total a Griezeman upgrade and Messi aint here no more. Felix has a massive opportunity to be a Key Player

  2. Two side cultist. They talk good thing about you when you play well when you under perform they talk bad about you. Its jus like when you're soforing no one . Cake about you till the money start making

  3. Kevin I do not understand why saying that Penua is a not good passer. Go back to the game every long pass by him was right at a feet of the Barcelona player.
    As to the Rafinua- yes One on one he is not as good as we want yet he had couple of good shots and if levenfovsky was moving forward the result would be different.
    As to Gundogan – yes he may be tired by Xavi does not have Anybody to play instead of him.

  4. Im i the only one Wondering what would balde be like on the RB position? He doesn't play like alba, he tries to cuz inside and he'd be much better doing that in RB position since he's left footed

  5. Lewa once said ~ I am happy at Barca , in Bayern I used to feel like Robot ." That says it all he is just enjoying his life at Barca as he knows not many are there to take his spot . In Bayern he was a robot , he used to be a goal machine . In Barca he is just there as a retirement league .

  6. Pretty sure Suarez got run out of Barca. He was even willing to accept less minutes but Bartomeu did the dirty on him.

  7. Gundogan is very underwhelming! Gives the ball away cheaply & gets caught in possession frequently. He’s not the answer in midfield.

  8. I dont think woth the defense of Araujo,inigo and kounde is not that strong at all,i still believe the best defense is Christensen,kounde and Araujo or Christensen,inigo and Araujo are still the best

  9. we need a powerhouse on the flank we miss a messi like that the sense of threat
    there’s only one and we station him on the left mr. kvaratskhelia
    [swap with raphinha already]
    that would put the expected balance in the game-squad i guess i do

    the cheap version of mbappe is openda. but mbappe could be persuaded. okay we can afford a modest contract but
    add to that shirt-sales to very high extent and a tiny percentage of ticket-sales. c’mon

    s e e y o u a t t h e t o p

  10. One game doesn't mean they play good. Cancelo had some great plays on the right, but after just one game we can't say "Cancelo and Falix are good fit". Yeah they should play few games to see if that works but on the other hand, they can easily leave the club at the end of the season. So, I'm worried about FCB players on RB and LB. If Cancelo leaves than what? Balde needs to be much better, if not than we are dummed. Then FCB needs to look for LB, RB, RW, LW etc. And the matter is, FCB doesn't have that kind of money.

  11. it could be refreshing.
    if cancelo really is gonna take up his place and all playing time. like he won’t leave that post. en j-araujo plays the other side.
    balde loaned at to Bayern for a year? lol!

  12. does balde need to play perfect or be given perfect experience gradually. he’s a youngster y’all. he is not a monster in sight get over it. his mind needs to mature/develop. he human.
    start expecting when he is 24 years of age.
    can’t he remain the lovely talent & helper that he is of the squad until then

  13. I've always said this
    Felix plays better with a deadly fallback
    Balde needs to wake up
    Cancelo literally played better than Balde all season

  14. Joao Felix as one of the best? Really? I'm glad we qualified for the R16 and I don't like spreading negativity, but Felix was poor for the entire match apart from the goal. He missed several massive chances and had very inconsistent decision making in the final third. I'm glad he scored the goal, but his performance was similar but way lesser than Bellingham's performance against us in El Classico, in that he was helpless for nearly the entire match until he scored.

  15. The ammount of hate Raphinha gets is ridiculous, he’s been the biggest effective threat we have the whole season.

    Lewandoski is playing horrible and not scoring, Joao Felix has been inconsistent, Ferran has had a FEW moments, Lamine Yamal is the best talent wise but has no idea how to finish plays. Raphinha is 100% consistent but he’s been the most consistent out of the attacking line.

  16. When I see Musiala,Foden, Bellingham, Rodrygo, Saka or even Camavinga- They are like game changers!!! I really doubt our young stars like Pedri, Gavi, Fermin, Yamal, Balde,Ferran,Fati- are they really performing well as they are rated!!! Can they give match winning performance in crucial matches against big european teams? I really doubt that, or may be its upto the manager who doesn’t know how to use these young stars properly.

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