João Félix just got some sweet revenge on FC Porto 😤

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12 opiniones en “João Félix just got some sweet revenge on FC Porto 😤”

  1. What the hell is a go ahead goal…I swear Americans should never commentate a football game…real football that is…

  2. This is the problem with having such unathletic/unintelligent/never kicked a ball in their lives “referees” at the helm.

  3. He is far from a star tbh. He is just a regular player with a bit of silky Dribbling. Way way too much hype.

  4. If you did your due diligence you would know Joao Felix got his revenge against Porto in 2019 when he scored for Benfica against Porto in Porto.

  5. Raphinha should be sold the guy can't even dribble past a statue
    Torres should be at least thrown out that would be merciful
    Lewy is a snail in Barca kit

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