HIGHLIGHTS | Barcelona vs. Benfica (UEFA Women's Champions League 2023-24)

November 14, 2023 — Barcelona vs. Benfica (UEFA Women’s Champions League 2023-24 Group Stage, Matchday 1).

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37 opiniones en “HIGHLIGHTS | Barcelona vs. Benfica (UEFA Women's Champions League 2023-24)”

  1. Caroline Hansen is the best player.. sad that she does not get the praise and appreciation she deserves like the other players.

  2. Wow! so there is champion league for women? That means there also premier league and Serie A.
    The benefit of internet.

  3. Alexea putelas and aitana bonmati keep breaking the leg you two are just doing great …..,..I really am am a fan of Spain both men and women f.torres for men and putellas and aitana…..I'm sorry but everybody have a favourite…..

  4. It's kinda sad that even though this Barcelona's fem side is so strong rn, with probably more technically gifted players in it then ever before, their mini stadium is still not entirely full.
    No offence, but women's club football still has some way to go, I saw Ajax women's are trying out playing in the 51,000 JC Arena this season and it's blatantly more than half empty. What a joke.

  5. This squad is simply scary all around. Looking forward to seeing a semi final of B arca, Lyon, Chelsea, and whatever other team can make it.

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