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30 opiniones en “We were FORCED to SUPPORT FC PORTO against SPORTING! (INSANITY at DRAGON STADIUM!!!)”

  1. So far FC Porto and Sporting have been kind to invite us to a game. Now we just need Benfica! WHERE YOU AT? We want to see Benfica vs Porto in May! 😅

  2. The Porto official supports are the city's mafia.
    Do understand that before you start getting along with that lot.

  3. Well Porto wouldn't want to force anyone to support them, I guess it's your last time in those type of seats, but it's understandable you naming this video that way since you been here long enough and you already noted that the rivals are really small minded, I mean the southern u go the more awkward and stupid people get, no other Brits enjoy that so much

  4. You guys are always welcome to city of Porto and to the club .
    We are very good people. Was a pleasure to have you guys in our city.
    Comeback soon.

  5. In the Estadio Dragon you're forced to support FCP….. otherwise those THIRD WORLD animals….. will put your physical integrity at risk!! 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  6. Pedro Teixeira behind of you, Portuguese famous actor and FC PORTO supporter 🤣the drink guy 🤣🤣

  7. Hi, gays, I'm FCPORTO supporter, and my son too, I like só much ur videos. My son is a youtuber too, he's FCPorto fan and supporter too, and his channel is Daily Dose of Football, have video about Deco and Jardel player careers. I like very very much your personal style and happy. Good luck .

  8. Bro just to tell you that guys with a hat that you say was drunk is a famous Portuguese actor 😅😅😅😅

  9. 9:12 he says " Caralho, não é para vires dormir para aqui, abana a bandeira" with the most "Porto" pronounciation possible. It means " Fuck, you didn´t come here to sleep, wave your flag"

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