Eintracht Frankfurt were MORE deserving to win UEFA Europa League – Ale Moreno | ESPN FC

The ESPN FC crew react to Eintracht Frankfurt defeating Glasgow Rangers 5-4 in a dramatic penalty shootout following a 1-1 draw to clinch a fairytale UEFA Europa League title at the Ramon Sanchez-Pizjuan Stadium on Wednesday.

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25 opiniones en “Eintracht Frankfurt were MORE deserving to win UEFA Europa League – Ale Moreno | ESPN FC”

  1. Oh wait don’t tell me… West Ham deserved it more huh?? 🤣🤣🤣 or any English team huh?

  2. When watching rangers felt like watching a championship club.

    But we'll done to rangers for getting this far. U came toe to toe with a team that beat Barca and west ham.
    Amazing spirit for the ability

  3. I am not a Frankfurt fan but as a German I am so happy for them, their hype here is unreal. I think they absolutely deserve it, they knocked out Barcelona and were not beaten once in the entire competition.
    But also fair play to Rangers, they knocked out teams with higher individual quality than them or Frankfurt. I think this was the best Europa League ever, there were so many big guys but two seemingly smaller teams made it to the final and not through luck or destructive play but because they deserve it. I hope Rangers can still qualify for the Champions League too

  4. Finally a final without any scheich clubs but real traditional teams with amazing fan bases! Amazing to watch.

  5. We, Rangers, should have won that game. Were the better team overall despite not having any of our recognised strikers available. Didn't think Frankfurt were in the same league as Dortmund or Leipzig in football terms. They got lucky with Ramsey hitting a terrible penalty.

  6. People say Rangers hung on but the match stats say Rangers had 52% possession. They had more chances on target also. Frankfurt we're shooting long range for most part.

    Both teams looked nervy.

  7. Two back-to-back Europa league finals being decided on penalties.
    The 2021 UEFA SuperCup were decided on penalties.
    The league and FA Cup also were decided on penalties.
    I swear, if the Champions league final is also decided on penalties, I will commit suicide.

  8. Anyone else think the Ref had a poor game, the kick in the head should have earned at least a yellow, it's dangerous play to have your foot that high and frankfurt had a stonwall penelty not given, even Rangers had a call for one.

  9. Talksport with Jim White/ Simon Jordan were saying Rangers were robbed and should have won..muppets. Eintract were the better side.

  10. Rangers are finally back in euro final and the first thing they do is kick a guy in the face. Hilarious.
    What a terribly boring game though. I mean how did these two teams make it to the final when they couldn't play better football then this.

  11. Craig, that game was like watching paint dry. League 2, hard work & endeavour football. Other than the pens, there was 40 seconds of quality.

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