Liverpool 2-0 FC Porto | Jurgen Klopp | Full Post Match Press Conference | Champions League

Post-match press conference with Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp following their 2-0 win against Porto in the Champions League.

@UEFA 2021

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22 opiniones en “Liverpool 2-0 FC Porto | Jurgen Klopp | Full Post Match Press Conference | Champions League”

  1. That African journalist and his stupid comments… who does he think he is?? Nearly demands that Klopp must apologise to the whole continent of Africa?? Get over yourself.

  2. I think wen he meant little in PRE — its MORE like 2 to 3 week IN a very very thick schedule from Mid NOV to Mid March …. jeez.. man tat fella is jus milking it to make a headline….. how can Klopp be anti football and anti anything tat is good …?. tat fella should knw better…

    NO one else was gonna give MANE and SALAH that responsibility
    To INSINUATE KLOPP out of all managers would discredit Africa is laughable
    Go ask ETO and YAYA TOURE how they feel about pep GUARDIOLA

  4. See the way Klopp just understands the Liverpool accent no problem now. An English none Liverpudlian would struggle. But he gets ever word.

  5. I thought Klopp dealt with that brilliantly. He gave the guy space to express his anger but also was able to put is point over calmly.

  6. AFcon may not be as big as champions league but must be respected. You can call something or ppl little and blame it on language. If you don't understand the language and words you use in English then hire a translator. The guy is disrespectful. He may be or not be racist but doesn't see Africa and our things as important. That's the nature of this so-called supremacist thinkers.

  7. That African feller is an absolute idiot. It was sarcasm ? up the reds! afcon is shite and a pointless tournament in the most awkward part of the season.

  8. Klopp is arrogant and pathetic. Without Mane and Salah Liverpool is nothing. You can't disrespect Africa like this. Shameless

  9. Klopp would buy more African players if he could as he knows their work ethic! So the journo just trying to discredit Juergen

  10. That African journo didn't do a lot to prove the intelligence difference between races. Klopp was being sarcastic eg "there happens to be a small tournament called the Champions League before then". Seems like this journalist does not understand sarcasm.

  11. That african junro is such a moron.. we have a little problem is well known saying the idiot. seesh

    up the reds!


  12. People with such poor comprehension skills should not be allowed to be journos! Do more damage than good

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