Keita & Firmino give Reds the edge | Liverpool 2-0 FC Porto | Highlights

The Reds continues their form in Europe with a 2-0 win over Porto in the champions League Quarter Final first leg at Anfield.

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35 opiniones en “Keita & Firmino give Reds the edge | Liverpool 2-0 FC Porto | Highlights”

  1. Liverpool the best team in the would ..we want premiere league cup and also we want champions league really Liverpool I'm support every time every day every month every year Liverpool goal Liverpool goal

  2. Do not sell Naby this summer. He needs time, i can see beast qualities in him, just releasing the ball lets him down sometimes. He could be amazing for us. ??

  3. Is no one going to mention Henderson's world class setup on that goal.

    Id expect to see a play like that from Iniesta, fantastic football, Henderson has come a long way

  4. ياريت توصل التعليق لصلاح اوعي تزعل يامووو .وخد الهتفات بتاع جماهير تشلسي حافذ ليك وفجر الملعب بالاهداف واحتفل عليهم بحركه القناص وحامل الصاروخ فجرهم اهداف في المرمي يا محمد ..مواطن مصري

  5. if perhaps Liverpool win the Champions League would open another vacant for Champions the following season?

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