Liverpool's Champions League press conference | FC Porto

Watch as Jürgen Klopp and a first team player speak to the media ahead of the Reds’ final UEFA Champions League home game of the group stage.

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38 opiniones en “Liverpool's Champions League press conference | FC Porto”

  1. BOSS, we love you, we trust you.

    Our team is not as ready as the other 2 contenders .

    We know we are competing with "states " not just only football clubs ….but this is our destiny because WE ARE LIVERPOOL.

    Please do the required signings to fill the gap ASAP.

    Thank You ???

  2. What a complete balls-up of a first question. Not relevant, not necessary. Played Un-tied, beat them 5 nil. Move on.

  3. Each group stage wins carry 3.3 millions in prize money. Won't risk 6.6 millions for experimenting. We always lack money.

  4. I really want Thiago to experience liverpool winning a title. I want to see this club with these fans are different.

  5. First question couldn't be more stupid – does Pochettino need an insight on what Premier League competition is like?!?!? What was he thinking, this "journalist"?

  6. Klopp is completely inconsistent last two years he has demanded '' mid week breaks, five subs, moaned about injuries because of the champions league''. Yet for the second year in a row he is prepared to slog his first team in dead rubber football games just for champions league cash. The hypocriosy is off the scale.

  7. These press conferences are painful. Who asks these type of questions. Should have fan questions and maybe a professional IT and sound guy to set up the interview. It sounds like an echoey BBC 1960s studio set.

  8. We have qualified CL last 16 last group game be great with a win tomorrow night come on you reds LFC ynwa

  9. Tiago is great player, and also very very intelligent the way he talked about the game is amazing ??????

  10. Karl Malcom always seems to ask the most irritating of questions! Stop doing it before you get a slap from someone, melt.

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