FC Porto's coach reveals the shocking comments made by Guardiola during the match | Oh My Goal

Today we’re going to talk to you about the huge clash that took place between Sergio Conceição and Pep Guardiola. Conceição and Guardiola squared off yesterday in the Champions League, and things nearly got out of control between the two coaches!

According to Conceição, Guardiola behaved shamefully all through the match between Manchester City and FC Porto. Guardiola may have mocked the weight of FC Porto’s players, put a huge amount of pressure on the referee as well as making critical comments about Portugal. Guardiola’s behavior naturally infuriated Conceição!

It’s not the first time Guardiola has been criticized for this. Ibrahimovic, Eto’o, Dante and Touré have already called out Guardiola’s personality.

So is Guardiola really as bad of a human as some players think he is?

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33 opiniones en “FC Porto's coach reveals the shocking comments made by Guardiola during the match | Oh My Goal”

  1. Αααρε Κονσεϊσάο γκάβλας είσαι κανένας πάνω από εσένα και τον Π.Α.Ο.Κ.

  2. I dont believe this guy, the same thing he said about thomas tuchel, he Just not accept his defeat

  3. Here after the game against Chelsea. This coach from porto is a clown. Spoiled, entitled brat. Zero class and respect. Glad Chelsea knocked them out

  4. This shows what kind of a person pep is, I used to like him but he is too diplomatic. That is the reason I think Jose is better as he stays true.That is the reason many players like Ibra, Eto often criticise pep a lot whereas praise Jose!

  5. This channel is doing nothing but spreading hate about Guardiola. The admin clearly didn't like him. Telling this from your previous videos. You made a ridiculous video about his and Mahrez's relation, look how well he is playing now. This is only because of the confidence he gave him. Please at least have some integrity.

  6. Those quotes at the end aswell disgraceful if they said that okay play a clip of them saying that not some bs quote

  7. Maybe because there players dived all game tried to get our players sent off and never got booked for diving or simulation? Maybe because there player tripped our defender up and then went through and scored the winner ? They got battered by a better side in the next round waste of what could have been a great PSG vs Man City game! European officials are so bias against English teams especially the VAR

  8. @Man City & Pep, You can't buy history, you gotta earn it like us. Were one of the most decorated clubs out here, with two champions league titles, intercontinental titles, Europa leagues, and many many more. All earned, not having to spend millions.

  9. Conceição doesn't make this shit up, man only speaks facts. If you attack his country and team he's gonna fireback, and I'm glad he's our manager. What an underrated manager he is. He literally played for Porto and made history, and now has led it nicely and made even more history. Lenda para sempre.

  10. Yeah if Pep had said any of that I'm sure the 4th official should've have carded him.
    Porto's manager is just bitter about losing. That's it.

  11. Ok then. But if he can come out and accuse Pep of all this stuff then we have a right to say what he was doing as well. If you actually watched the 2 legs of the game you will see how the ref in now way took Man City’s side at all, if anything the ref was letting the Porto players away with bad tackles and bad sportsmanship. Pepe was also out on a mission to hurt the Man City players and it was clear from the first leg by how rash he was in the challenges that eventually lead to him being sent off and not in the 2nd leg line up. Pep was furious with the Porto manager about this and he has all the right, the Porto manager looked almost pleased by the game Pepe was playing, if I was a manager and another team looked as though they were purposely looking to injure my players I would scream at the other manager as well. Not to mention the second leg how the Porto players main aim was to sit back and win the game by diving in all the right places, you can complain about that but it was obvious to see, and the ref was not acknowledging any of it.

    I’m also going to leave you with this. The next day if you saw the Porto papers in Portugal they were slating English football on how it was a bad place to play. And also bullying Fernandinho about his age and saying that he has no class.

    With that being said, now seeing him look all puppy eyed with nobody to stand up for themselves we can now see how hypercritical this manager is and a sore loser to say the least. From the 1st leg you could see how much of a miserable brat he was

    Fire away

  12. there is ZERO talks about this in the British media! ZERO!! they have that PIG guardiola on a pedestal for a very long time! disgusting stuff 🤮🤮 if this was mourinho he would have been crucified even before the drama started lmfao 😆😆 FACT!

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