23 noviembre, 2021

Learn More CR7 football skills | How to dribble like CR7 PT 2

Por Unisport

Learn 5 CR7 football skills. Want to learn those amazing football skills that CR7 has put on show for such an impressive part of his career? Then now is the time, as we bring you 5 more CR7 football skills that you can use to beat opponents. CR7 has always been a player who relied on flair, technical ability, and showmanship. In the early part of his career, that was almost all he could do. Later, the 5 time Ballon d’Or winner found that fewer skills got him further.

We’ve already covered the basics and you can watch it here:

This time we dive further into the realm of CR7 that showcases his most flashy football skills and if you want to binge even more awesome unisport content, then subscribe to our youtube channel;

Want to become a better footballer? Then we’ve got you covered – watch this playlist that will teach how to become a better footballer:

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