12 noviembre, 2021

How to Write on Cookies

Por Little Cookie Co

If you find writing on cookies with royal icing a scary task, I break it down for you step by step in this video. I picked some of the most popular styles and fonts to show you how to pipe clean and beautiful words! For projector links please see below.

If you´re not sure where to look for fonts, there are lots of options, see the list below for a few:

– Microsoft Word (you´d be suprised how many great fonts they have!)
– www.dafont.com
– www.myfonts.com
– www.1001freefonts.com
– Invitations
– Google search a word or number and click on the images tab

Mr. & Mrs. cutter is from Bobbi´s Cutters

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AAXA Projector:
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For tipless bags that I use:
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Scribe tool:

Thanks for watching!

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