5 noviembre, 2021

How To Hang Your Sports Jersey in a Shadow Box

Por YouGoProBaseball

X Deep Shadow Box
Shadow Box
Here’s an alternative way to hang your sports jersey in a shadow box. Instead of pinning your jersey to the felt like I showed in some of my other videos with these shadow boxes, what you can do is hang your jersey with the flat hanger that comes with the shadow boxes. It is a different look, to me it looks more like a locker room where the jersey is hanging and I like it especially for the extra deep shadow box where there is more collectibles in there. The shadow box in this video is the extra deep shadow box (top link). The XL shadow box won’t fit a bat or ball, but the X Deep will. If you liked this how to hang your sports jersey in a shadow box then please subscribe and join the newsletter at and don’t forget to get your jersey shadow box from the links at the top.

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