15 enero, 2021


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How do you pack your football bag? Is there even a bag out there for all your football gear? Today, JayMike sits down and reveals all his football gear packing expertise. Why? Because getting the right football gear might be that one thing that separates you from the rest of your teammates and gives you that one percent extra to elevate your game to the next level. So today’s video is all about what do you need in you football bag and which football gear makes sense to drag with you to football training? Watch this video to find out everything there is about packing the right football bag with the right football gear!

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JayMike splits his football bag packing tips in to 3 different categories. First, you pack the basic football gear; your football boots, shin pads, t-shirt, shorts, etc, etc, etc. All your basic football gear that you, above all, have to have in your football bag. The bare minimum you might say. Second, he goes through some of the stuff that might not be as essential but definitely are nice to have. Like your second pair of football boots if you have change playing surfaces. Then there is the premier sock tape, blister tape, flip flops and compression tape; the latter is for the older generation who fears injuries in their groin area. Third and finally, JayMike reveals some of his own personal tips to what is in his bag – they might not be the most essential football gear, but might just do the trick if you want that little bit of extra to improve your game! So, if you want to know how to pack your football bag right, then this video might be for you!

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