25 octubre, 2020

Kevin Gameiro: No Longer A Diamond In The Rough

Por dulcesmartin

The alarm clock goes off and Kevin Gameiro comes out of his room and heads straight to the breakfast nook. He slowly awakens to the smell of scrambled eggs and orange juice placed in front of him. Around an hour later, Kevin is all suited up in his training gear and heads out to the stadium for practice. This is the striker’s typical daily routine. This type of discipline has made him the type of player he is now.

Compensating his lightweight frame for his ball skills, he has shown to markedly influence the game both in the hole and out on the wings. His quick speed was one of the primary reasons Paris Saint-Germain wanted him to sign a four-year, 11-million Euro transfer deal that would bring him over to the capital team in the first place.

In a game where strength and power could spell the difference between a goal and a steal in a physically demanding league, it looks like PSG has other plans in mind for the newly acquired talent. Although he may be able to hold opponents off and bring his other teammates into play with his quick pace and movement, he may come to play more of a hybrid role, either as a striker or as a target man, because of his current built. His versatility is what has made him a highly valuable asset on the team.

Mainly coming in as a substitute, the quick and dynamic striker has once again proven that he is still an integral part of Ligue 1’s PSG football club. With great ball handling skills, he scored PSG’s only goal as they hosted Stade de Reims a month ago. That win has brought them to the top, yet again, as the league continues to progress in a seesaw race to claim the top spot.

Kevin Gameiro’s foreseeable future with PSG had been in the air last summer, as rumors about a possible exit for the striker swirled around. We have to give him some credit though for being unfazed by it; he held his ground and earned his playing time on the pitch.

With many top league clubs taking interest in him, he may very well be on his way in becoming the next potential star. Who wouldn’t want to have the Ligue 1’s previous top-scorer on their rotation? Gameiro is on the brink of attaining full international honors and he is certainly the kind of player who has the potential to become very good, in a short amount time. He is not diamond in the rough anymore and he has transformed into one of the finest strikers in France.