24 octubre, 2020

Arena and Auditorium of Moab Utah For Recreation and Events

Por dulcesmartin

The small town feel of Moab Utah delivers big results with the availability of recreation and event spaces. There are two auditoriums situated in the city boundaries. Historic Star Hall has been a social center since 1906. In 2009 the hall under went renovations to put into place a state-of-the-art sound and light systyem, plush waiting rooms for performers and improved comfort for an audience of 289 people, with 3 additional spots for wheel chair users. The Red Devil Auditorium seats 650 folks. Similar to Star Hall the theater seating is fixed onto a sloping floor to permit good viewing of the stage. Both auditoriums have been used for theater production, recitals, lectures, film, concerts, talent shows, pageants, and educational conferences. The Historic Star Hall is elegant enough for a wedding ceremony.

South of Moab, the Old Spanish Trail Arena was erected for equestrian events and local recreational use. There are 196 stalls and round pens on the grounds to enable horse shows, rodeo and roping contests. Ample parking makes this venue easy to access, especially for vehicles hauling livestock. The grand stands provide seating for 1,100. A concession stand is located inside the public entrance.

Other uses for the Old Spanish Trail Arena have been based on the climate control. Indoor winter soccer, law enforcement training exercises, volley ball tournament, dog shows, and a plethora of equestrian events. With 24,000 square feet of arena floor, plus the security of a building, the arena has been the setting for trade shows, fashion show, dog performance trials, and expos.

In the matter of planning for an event in Moab, the Moab Travel Council, has staffed the Facility and Event Promoter, to assist with logistical details. Get connected to relevant permits, event rentals, an abundance of local services, recreation outfitters & tour companies, travel help, and transportation solutions. Answering the phone weekdays: 435-259-1340 or email find address on the website in the resource area.